Friday, February 10, 2012

21/12/2011 UCL , Rev K at Rayleigh, Essex and a watershutdown!

Pantheon goes UCL !
Wednesday started out well, with a nice sleep in and  then a leisurely visit to UCL. Its  façade did not exude grace and history like the campus in Oxford or Cambridge but it was the only uni that allowed a self guided tour.
Rosetta stone
We walked down Gower St and decided to revisit the British Museum, which we did not complete the last time, 7 years ago. It was strangely crowded and we toured the place for slightly over an hour, just to see the mummies.

Bric Bracs from the British Museum
At 3.00pm, we caught the train at Liverpool to Essex to visit  Rev K. It was a time for  catch up , followed with a huge lamb meal. Re K would have been a successful stand up comedian who could make us laugh the entire night. As for offering advise on H's future education, he thoughtfully said ' Just take your time to decide'. Stop. ' Just go to Oxford'. Once an Oxfordian, always an Oxfordian.
Our last stop of the day - Essex

We only managed to reach 'home' at 9.30pm

The day did not end well, because Pat, the last person to bathe, was caught with no water and had to wipe off the soap off his body with drinking water. The agent was not contactable and we were caught between a rock and a hard place. No one to call, no concierge, we went to bed at 1am after failing to fix the problem of a water shutdown.

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